What Are Display Plinths ?

Generally speaking, a display plinth is a base for supporting a vase or statue. In other words, it is simply a stand on which some product may be placed for exhibition. Plinths are usually not heavy unless a heavy item needs to be displayed. The really bigger ones can even serve as a little demonstration table or a desk. Smaller options are used for exhibitional purposes.

Most people prefer to use perspex plinths in Sydney and there are two main reasons for this - glistening finish and a myriad of colour choices. Although these are not specifically heavy, most of them are ideal for environments where consistent movement is rarely required. Perspex or acrylic plinths may sometimes have a basic aluminum framing inside which is covered with a flat coating of acrylic. Their heights usually range from 100 millimeter to 1200 millimetres, the standards being 300, 400, 500 and 600. They can be cleaned either with detergent and water or some mild cleaning product. It is generally recommended to exercise proper care when handling them, as acrylic is highly vulnerable to abrasions.

Acrylic plinths with built-in lighting are also available in the market. These are very effective for drawing attention of people, especially when exhibiting something in public. The light may be installed in such a way that it illuminates the object placed on top, or can even be made to glow on the sides. It is a general rule that the top of the plinth will have colour tinted or frosted acrylic, which will allow the light to glimmer through.

Light-box plinths are yet another type of the media for display. They are simple as well as stylish, and feature an aluminum frame having an MDF top coated with melamine and three sides custom finished with a chosen colour, graphics or logo. The fourth side features a light box that sits behind the graphic. The graphics can be altered easily, adding a flexibility factor that is ideal for customising promotional messages. These light-box options are also perfect for placing in dark corners.

When multiple plinths are placed close to each other or joined to function as a single unit, it is known as a pedestal. They can be arranged creatively in many different ways, such as in the form of a staircase or a small display table. A pedestal is ideal for placing near a wall, inside a window display, etc.