Perspex - Definition, Manufacturing Process and Benefits of Using It

Perspex is a patented brand name of a kind of plastic made using acrylic acid. Although the acid was formed in the year 1843, it only got popular during the 1930s and came to be used for creating an efficient alternative to glass. There are many different ways which can be used for manufacturing Perspex in Sydney, but all of them make use of derivatives containing petroleum obtained from natural gas. 

Sheets of perspex are generally formed by using a process of extrusion, which allows them to be uniform in shape as well as configurations. Casting can also help in creating products that are strong and durable. Both the processes, that is, extrusion and casting, help in imparting different chemical and thermal properties to the sheets. However, density of the extruded sheets are always equal, whereas that consistency of thickness is absent in those formed by casting. Nevertheless, both types can be moulded into different shapes via vacuum forming and making precise and intricate shapes.

The transparency of Perspex is almost as same as that of glass, but its weight is only half or even lesser than that of the latter. Besides that, it is stronger as well and does not shatter easily, which makes it highly resistant to sudden impacts. Although the softness of Perspex makes it prone to scratches and abrasions, the scratch marks can be easily buffed out. If at all the material shatters, it would never break as glass does. There will be large pieces, which can be picked up easily without suffering from any cuts or other injuries. In order to cut glass for making windows or other objects, an individual requires specially designed tools have diamond tips. But Perspex can be cut easily using ordinary saws, and even connected together for making seamless joints.

Perspex sheets can resist aging efficiently and may not show yellowing or other signs even after being used for over a decade. This exceptional quality makes them an ideal material for making aquariums, signal lights, automobile parts, windows, skylights, shop front signs, display cases, plinths, etc. Items made from Perspex are very simple to maintain because they can be cleaned easily even with minimum effort. Some varieties of this acrylic are designed in such a way that they can block bullets. Besides that, they also allow different dyes and colours to be mixed with them so that more versatile products can be manufactured as per varied requirements.